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Professional Email

Your free email isn’t really free.

Why? Because your free email account is actually costing you customers. Here’s why:

Potential customers are almost ten times more likely to choose you over other businesses when you have a professional-looking email address. *
75% of customers also say it’s extremely important when an email address matches the name of the business.
When you attach your business name to the likes of or, you’re advertising their company, not yours.
On the other hand, when you sign up for Professional Email with us, every time you send emails, you’re getting your business name and website out there. Which is better for you?

Make the right choice with an email address that matches your domain.

Email migration: All your contacts. All your emails.

Worried about transferring your email to your business email account? We’ll make your concerns disappear. Our experts can transfer your emails, attachments and folders for you. Best of all, they do it behind the scenes whenever it’s convenient for you, so there’s no disruption or downtime to your business email account

Workspace Email
Perfect for email using your personal domain
Online Storage
A better way to back up, store, and share your files
Stay organized wherever you are — at home, in the office